I’m reorganizing my game bag and I. Almost had a mental clusterfuck until I realized that I could make more space in the slots by putting the games that I don’t really play into the little plastic boxes
Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, together at last

Uuugghh what the fuck do I want to play
I’m feeling like having a shouting induced hemmorage, let’s play super mario bros.

What if there was an attack on titan platformer/ open world sandbox game (like the gamecube spiderman games)

How the fuck did I end up with two copies of Super mario 64 DS

Fuck you Koga

On the one hand I want to continue beating my head against the brick wall that is the E4
On the other hand, no

*muffled ain’t nobody got time for that in the distance*




Karkat’s Confession

A redub of something I did before


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